You’re having a Boy? My Condolences… Err… Ummm… Congratulations!

Picture this. You’re walking through an open house with your pregnant wife. Pregnant enough that its safe to ask when she’s due, along with your three year old son. As you check out the master ensuit you hear another woman with a little boy of similar age in tow, strike up a conversation with your wife in the other room. By the time you join the room they are deep into conversing about their respective offspring. You approach and smile to disarm any feelings of intrusion and to make it apparent you are all together. Then it happens. This other woman, still a stranger in fact, asks you both “Do you guys know what your having?” Obliviously referring to the sex of the baby. Then, as if rehearsed, my wife an I both smile and answer “Another boy! We’re going to have two boys!”. I’m not sure what the other mom thought we said, but her face sunk as she said “Oh… (Long dramatic pause) well as long as they’re healthy, that’s all that matters right?” Then she smiled expecting us to smile or nod in agreement. As if we both know ‘boys drool and girls rule’. In reality we both remained dumbfounded and she decided that was the best way to end that conversation and she moved on to check out the rest of the house. We were confused and offended at the same time.

Here we thought we were blessed to be having another baby, especially after spending the previous year trying to conceive, going through a miscarriage and fertility supplements and specialty visits. Silly us, we didn’t realize we were getting the short end of the stick by not having a girl. A boy?!? We’ve already got one of those! Someone has made a mistake here. Is there a customer service representative I can speak to? I want an exchange!

Has “Hollywood” brain washed us all to think the perfect family is a boy and a girl, maybe a puppy and the white picket fence? It’s bad enough movies and television make us think its so easy to get pregnant and see the baby through to full term. In reality, lots of people have difficulties conceiving, and with the exception of some cultural beliefs, all parents love their offspring no matter what sex it is.

For us, we couldn’t be happier. Working as a firefighter, I’m away from home 24 hours at a time at work. It’s a bit of a relief knowing my wife will be home with my two strapping young men to watch over the house when they’re older. My son will have a brother to rough house with, and don’t even mention the savings from hand-me-downs.

After we left, my wife and I discussed it and she told me that it was the second time that that has happened to her in the past month. What is wrong with people? They don’t know us or our situation, how dare they assume we won’t be happy with our child if it isn’t a girl. I really just have to shake my head and move on.

Are we just being over sensitive? Have you had a similar experience? Do you agree with the “stranger’s” perspective of boys and girls? Very curious to see some comments on this one.

Until next time, keep your head up and your nuts covered.



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