Preparing for Baby #2

Well, it’s the last day of September. Tomorrow is October and before I know it, it’s going to be November. November 4th for me is “d-day”. Our second child, another boy, is due on this day. My wife and I are in of different mind-sets right now. I am thinking this baby is coming early (maybe even 2 weeks early) and she thinks she’ll go late. Either way, time is going faster as each day goes by. As much as I’d like to say we are ready for his arrival, it just isn’t true.

I have to admit I am more scared about this kid than when my first son was born 3 years ago. Back in 2009 I had no clue what was coming. We were both just so excited to have a baby and start this new life, that we weren’t able to comprehend just how much sleep we were going to lose. I remember we both were thinking about how quickly we wanted him to come and get through this “pregnancy” stage. Even though everyone with kids around us would say “Don’t rush…” or “get extra sleep in now while you can”, as if to suggest that you can reserve rest, days and even weeks in advance. Oh if only that were the case. Imagine spending a week in bed (24-7) resting to be prepared for the first 6 weeks of parenthood. That would be fantastic, if only it were so easy.

The first time around, I’d say Mrs. DUF and I were pretty prepared. I had painted the nursery months in advance, assembled all the furniture, packed the hospital bag and had all the necessities we would need when DUF jr. finally arrived. For the most part we did well, we had thought of almost everything… almost. One thing we forgot to pack for the hospital was Baby Wipes. What a thing to forget. Imagine changing that very first diaper of meconium without fresh moist baby wipes. Well in our hospital we were under the care of a midwife, and after delivery it was just my wife, my son and I left in the room asleep for the night. I remember in the middle of the night awaking to a crying baby and checking his diaper. There it was, the black, sticky-icky tar like poop. Some people say it has a sweet smell to it, but honestly I never noticed. I just remember asking for a single wipe from the nurses station, only to be told “I’m sorry you are under the care of a midwife, not the doctor, so you have to ask them for such supplies”, or something along those lines. There we were, left with no viable option except to use those industrial brown fold paper towels you find in public restrooms. My poor sons butt was not treated kindly on that first, second and third attempt to remove all that “tar”. Not a good experience for any of us, but we learn. This time around the first thing we pack will be those baby wipes. Hopefully not at the expense of forgetting something else.

Aside from that, I am repainting the nursery, at the protest of my wife. She see’s no reason to change it from the first one. Previously I used an overhead projector and stencilled a mural on two of the walls and had some writing and his name painted. Image

I just feel like this next little guys deserves his own themed room even more. I mean his whole wardrobe is going to be mostly hand-me-downs for the majority of his childhood, the least I can do is give him his own special room. I just started the new mural this week without telling my wife, until now when it’s too late to go back. Sure it will cost a bit more money in supplies, but I have no doubt they will both love it when I’m done.

Outside of those two things, mostly we are just trying to get our head right. We know what to expect this time around, so theoretically we should be ready, but babies are unpredictable if anything. We were very lucky to have a “good” baby first time around. Meaning he wasn’t colliky and did reasonably well with sleep training. After the 4th week we had him out of our room and into his crib. I can only hope for the same path with this one. Only time will tell.

I anticipate finishing the new nursery this week. Be sure to check back when I’ll post photos of the change. Until then…

Keep you head up and your nuts covered…


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