“You are NOT the father”, however you ARE an A$$HOLE

This video was sent to me by a friend as he was announcing his wife was pregnant. It started out hilarious. Slowly it turned into disgust, then anger.

You see, My wife and I have been through 2 miscarriages, and months of failed attempts at getting pregnant. Luckily we succeeded and have two beautiful boys now. Watching this video, I thought about the frustration my wife and I went through month after month of failed pregnancy tests.
I’m not much for religion, but I have never felt closer to being “blessed” than when we brought each of our children home from the hospital.
Then, I watch these a$$holes parading like immature animals because they don’t have a child. Aside from that, you are celebrating children who’ll undoubtedly end up fatherless. This show awards a horrific cycle of sluts and jackasses.
I get that they are probably told to embellish a little bit for the cameras, but you don’t act like that without it being a part of who you really are.

So sit back and enjoy. Come for the comedy but stay for the tragedy.

As Always
Keep your head up, and your nuts covered,

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