5 ways to ensure Sandy doesn’t ruin Halloween

As people continue to clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the television and Twitterverse continues to report the horrible stories and images of the Superstorm, I hope you’ll find an escape in this post. While the brunt of it has passed, the residual storms continue to rain on us on the east coast as we approach one of the greatest times of year for any kind and adult alike. Don’t let Sandy cancel Halloween 2012. Here are 5 ways to ensure you kids are able to still enjoy the night;

1 – Get High (Literally)
What better way to get a sack full of candy, stay dry and avoid crossing the roads? Go to the apartment buildings. It’s true some buildings don’t allow door-to-door trick or treating, but pick a block of hi-rises and your bound to find one to let you in. You only need one, there are hundred’s apartments. You can stay warm, safe and efficient.

2 – Get Trashed (Again…. Literally)
Spend about 5 minutes preparing a black garbage bag. Cut out a slot for the head and arms, and apply some reflective tape around the waist as a “belt”. Then, hit the dollar store and purchase some face paint and create a costume that will withstand the weather. Go out there and brave the weather. Have your partner follow along in the car on the road and keep some hot chocolate inside and take breaks to keep it fun. No need to stress the kids out for a bit of candy.

3 – Shop and Scare
A great way to multi-task is by getting your little ones all dressed and bring them to the mall. You can join hundreds of people shopping and scaring at the same time. Make a stop at the customer service desk where they will undoubtedly have some candy, and then cruise the mall. Another great way to stay, warm and dry and most importantly safe.

4 – Community Boo-fest
Stop in to your local community centre and see if they are having any events. In my neighbourhood our community centre is holding an indoor family party. There will be treats, food, face painting and movies. This is one of the better options because you get to meet members of your community, and partake in a fun event. We might even pick this one even if the weather turns out great!

5 – Family Fright Night
This is one of my favourite picks. Break out the board games, pile up the treats and get everyone in costume. Even mom and dad, if you don’t have a costume, just have fun with it. Mom can get dressed in dads work clothes and dad can get dressed in mom’s work clothes (As long as mom or dad aren’t exotic dancers, it should be okay, right?). Be silly, but make sure you close the curtains, lol. There are many different board games for many different age ranges. Make up the rules for the games yourself, throw in candy rewards. If the weather is horrible, odds are you will have loads of left over candy from the lack of kids knocking at your door. We played a game the other night called “5 Little Monkeys” and it’s a fantastic game for toddlers. Our 3 year old was able to follow along and really enjoyed it. Follow that up with some Raffi on the iPod dock and “Shake The Sillies out”, and your kids will be pooped when it comes time for bed time.

In the end it shouldn’t matter what the weather is like, or where you end up. The main thing is what your kids will remember, and if you make whatever situation you find yourselves in fun, it will make long lasting memories. Keep it simple, keep it fun and don’t let Sandy ruin more than she already has.

As Always

Keep your head up and your nuts covered



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